Music under Quarantine

Self-care tips for music educators teaching online

*This blog post originally appeared on* Guest post from ISU Visiting Clarinet Prof. Jenny Maclay: Each person around the world is facing their own unique challenges in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the challenges many educators are facing is maintaining motivation and positivity, which is essential to help students stay engaged asContinue reading “Self-care tips for music educators teaching online”

What the Virus has Taken Away and What We Will Learn From this as Musicians

This has been my first ever global pandemic experience. It is probably everyone’s first unless you survived the big flu outbreak of the 1920’s. If you did, good for you. The newness of college had mostly worn off by the time my second semester of college began and now it’s about business. Getting my degreeContinue reading “What the Virus has Taken Away and What We Will Learn From this as Musicians”

Overcoming Covid

With Covid-19 hitting very quickly in Iowa it was quite a sudden adjustment to make. With performances, juries, and senior recitals all getting canceled it was really disappointing to see all that hard work go to waste. Many months are spent perfecting the juries and senior recital and it was such a shame for theContinue reading “Overcoming Covid”

Taking Stock

On January 13, 2020, I began teaching my first week of classes as a new visiting faculty member in music history at Iowa State University. Exactly five weeks ago today I left Ames—where our freshman musical styles class has met since that day—to return to my home in Indianapolis due to the coronavirus pandemic. FromContinue reading “Taking Stock”

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